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Shimi’s Marathon for Disabled Children

UK FISCD - August 2020

Letter from Shimi sep 2020.png

Riding 60 km on a bike over one day would be challenging enough for any athlete, but marathoner Shimi Schayek who is 37 and has Cerebral Palsy is doing it on a hand-cycle through the rough terrain of the Israeli roads. 


For Shimi this marathon will be the completion of a dream because it will be for the benefit of the children at the Israel Sports Centre for the Disabled (ISCD), where he took his first steps to become an exceptional athlete.


A tall slim man with a wonderful, endearing sense of humour, Shimi is an inspiration to the 2,500 children beginning their journey towards rehabilitation. Shimi was born with Cerebral Palsy and has been a member of ISCD since early childhood. Thanks to the intensive rehabilitation program of the Centre, Shimi today is not just an accomplished athlete, but a former soldier, a banker, and a cycle coach.

It is impossible to stress enough the inspiration of the Sport Centre. Through the power of sport, both physically and mentally damaged children become confident, self-sufficient and active members of society. Neither religion, colour nor creed are barriers to the Centre’s rehabilitation services. 


The Centre is dependent on donations for over 99% of its budget and in these unprecedented times this is becoming more difficult.


Join Shimi on his amazing journey by sponsoring his 60 miles (96 km) Marathon through Just Giving. If you are a UK taxpayer you can use the gift aid, which will add 28% to your donation. All proceeds go to benefit the disabled children of the Israel Sport Centre for the Disabled.


Please take into account by selecting 'other' you can now indicate you wish to give your donation in full.

If you would like to sponsor this project or our next event please

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